I’ve had a Raspberry Pi sitting around for a while. I had some initial attempts to install XBMC and it worked out ok, but not convincing enough to replace my Mac Mini as an Media Centre. Well now the logic card seems to be failing on the Mac Mini (main problem is that the network just stops working every now-and-then), and so I’m looking to transition the apps off it.

So the Raspberry Pi now seems to be appropriate.

I decided on XBian and it all went smoothly. However I couldn’t access my Videos on another server. I could have ditched the Mac-way and setup a SMB share (or rather, connect to the Samba share), but then I’d lose all the Mac-Bonjour discovery nicety of the Mac.

Anyway I found some a simple solution:

  1. ssh xbian:raspberry@<ip_address> # default
  2. sudo apt-get install libafpclient0
  3. http://gettingstartedwithraspberrypi.tumblr.com/post/24398167109/file-sharing-with-afp-and-auto-discovery-with-bonjour should be followed to enable the XBian being seen over AFP (ie. is a Share)
    sudo apt-get install netatalk
Written on April 4th, 2013 , XBMC Tags: , ,

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