Are you a git user that wants analytics. does just this.

  1. Simply create a Google Analytics account, adding a new Property for the new github site. This will give you a Property Id.
  2. Complete the web form at githalytics with a URL of the github site and the Google Analytics property id.

This will return some .md formatted markup to add to your github site’s file. But what if you don’t use the .md format? is a post about changing the output for the reStructuredText format. If you use textile format, which I mostly do then read on …

GitHalytics will return this (such as):

[![ alpha]( "")](

Change it to:

"! alpha)!":

Both these translate to:

<a href=""><img src="" title=" alpha" alt=" alpha" style="max-width:100%;"></a>

Written on March 25th, 2013 , git, github Tags: , ,

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